Belinda Munro is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, actress, model, and motivational speaker who ignites the unspoken with her grace and dynamic presence.  Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, to Grenadian parents, Belinda takes great pride in her Canadian-Caribbean heritage.

Belinda Has been singing and performing ever since she could talk. She first realized her love and passion for music and entertainment while singing "The Lord's Prayer", her very first solo performance in church at the tender age of 4. Since that day she has not put the Mic down and her career has been on a steady upward climb to success.

From performing at the State Capitol to performing at an array of sporting events, charities, fundraisers, international festivals, shows and competitions, Belinda has built a great international following.

Belinda’s musical talents have taken her across Canada, the U.S.A, the Caribbean and Europe, sharing stages with countless international artists such as, Luciano Pavarotti, Celine Dion, Andre Rieu, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Shirley Murdoch, Glen Lewis, N'dea Davenport, Kelly Price, and Mary J Blige to name a few.

In 2000, Belinda moved to Atlanta Georgia in pursuit of her purpose and calling. However, she found herself traveling to New York City for auditions, acting and dance classes on a regular basis. She never lost her love for the stage and thus ended up performing at various spots in the city such as Ashford and Simpson's Sugar Bar, the Village Underground, Cafe Wha?, and The Blue Note.

From 2002-2006, Belinda dazzled the crowds across Europe as a Featured singer in "For Better Times" , "Happiness", "Say Yes" and "The Power of Soul" European Tours with the HARLEM GOSPEL SINGERS.

In 2006-2007, Belinda signed with Disney Creative Entertainment, landing the role of Calliope in Hercules, Nala in the Lion King, Circle of Life singer and the Tarzan Vocalist, which were previously played by American Dreamgirl, Jennifer Hudson aboard the Disney Wonder.

With all this experience under her belt this future phenomenon is fast proving that she has what it takes to make it on an international scale.

Kafur Farrell and Theodore Gentry who have vocally coached Belinda and fellow Canadian artist Deborah Cox, have been very impressed by Belinda's vocal energy and ability.

"Her vocals and songwriting ability will capture the passion of your heart," says Farrell.

Various life experiences  have left Belinda wanting to share with the world something from her heart. Because of her passion for young women, She has decided to use her musical platform as an opportunity to launch the I AM (It’s About Me) Movement to raise awareness of low self esteem among teens.

Through her grace and beauty, Belinda strives to inspire and uplift the spirits of all she comes in contact with.

"I want people to experience my music as I do, which is positive music for the soul. Despite all the obstacles and oppositions I have come up against, I've come too far to even think of giving it all up!"